Hello, I’m Koustav.
Medico, Developer, DJ

Scroll down to know more about me and my projects and explore your world of possibilities in the kingdom of The OffBeat Doc.
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Who am I?

Hi I'm Koustav Sinha Ray, a Medical Student, Computer Nerd, and a DJ & EDM producer.

I'm currently pursuing my medical education at Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata, India.
I'm a self-taught programmer/developer and I work on amateur projects.
Also, I have a blog where I write about medical science, technology, finance and pretty much about anything that draws my interest ... a lot of cool stuff hapenning there, don't forget to check it out :")

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Calcutta National Medical College & Hosital

Projects ...


Your go-to app for quick, concise health and wellness articles for a healthy lifestyle!
Authentic, medically reviewed info only! - We rely upon trusted, medically verified content for our sources.

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COV-19 Resources

COV-19 Resources

(Archived Project) A website to present available authentic data regarding the treatment and management of COVID-19 in India. This was an a complete non-profit endeavour to ensure only authentic and verified data gets disseminated among the people in need. We had a team of 30 members working to collect and verify data regarding oxygen supplies, telemedicine, food and other amenities during the COVID crisis. Thousands of people were benefitted from our site during the emergencies.

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